Chocolate Tree

'Twas a long time ago when Erin was a wee lass that her family invited some friends over for Christmas. In 1975 the Biehl family, from Hastings, MN came to Geneva, IL for a week's visit. Erin remembers fondly how the two families played and laughed together for hours into the night, everyday of the visit.

One evening she recalls a time of making homemade Caramels. It was fun. Although the details are fuzzy (since Erin is very aged at the time of this writing) she recalls the lovely taste of that sweet treat as she unwrapped it from its waxed paper confinement.

Years later that faint memory still remained. In the fall, when thoughts of caramel apples and apple sauce and cider are the delight of every homemakers fancy, Erin had that memory spark to a small ember. What if...? What if that caramel could be made again and the memories could be alive once more? So, inspired by the caramel apples from her favorite produce place, Simon's, Erin began to practice making caramel.

Much to her embarrassment there were many batches that were too hard and chewy. Later they were too soft and gooey. Finally they became just right.

What if...? What if we add nuts and top it with chocolate? So, inspired by her favorite chocolate store in Geneva, Graham's Erin set out to make a delectable turtle.

It is at this time that Erin would like to thank all the family and friends (and you know who you are) for all the taste testing and critiquing. It is truly a blessing to have such self sacrificing friends. It's not always easy putting the health of your body in harm's way to help a friend perfect a sugary treat. A thousand hundred thanks.

Let us at Erin Chocolates know if you would like to join our family of test tasting and critiquing. The more the merrier. She would love to make a box for you to give as a gift to a friend or just for yourself. Our friends and family always know what they are getting from now on... ERIN CHOCOLATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fine homemade chocolates and caramels